Scripture: “for I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge.”  (Romans 10:2)

Observation: In Romans chapter 11, Paul is making clear that earnestness or desire is not what saves a person… but only God’s mercy.  Paul goes further to apply this to Israel itself!  The Gentiles weren’t pursuing the law or righteousness, but obtainted it (v. 31).  The Jews on the contrary, have not.  Why?  Because they are zealous for the wrong things!  Simply being zealous or “sincere” (a commonly phrase used today) does not guarantee salvation!  Rather, it is TRUTH and MERCY that does.

Application: Tonight we will hear about the Mormon church from Concerned Christians.  Talk about zealous without knowledge!  At least the Jews are zealous for the law.  The Mormons are zealous about a lie!  And this calls into question their salvation (10:1).  What about Christians?  We are not exempt.  We’ve been zealous for things that are not based on knowledge too: fads, campaigns and methods.

Prayer: Lord, may we strip away the empty frenzy of effort and even “religion” and get right down to the TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE of your Word.  May that be cause for much zeal in us!  Amen!