In this pod-cast Pastor Augie & Deacon Brent discuss and react to Sunday’s sermon: “Telling the Truth.”  The topic of the sermon was the 8th commandment: “You shall not lie.”  You can hear the actual sermon by visiting  Listen below to hear PA & Deacon Brent discuss:

  • “Does this dress make me look pretty?” (start)
  • What if I want you to lie? (3:30)
  • Lie to save a life? (4:30)
  • Will God ever require me to sin? (8:00)
  • The Law Convicts (10:00)
  • Is it ok to lie when playing poker? (12:00)
  • Motives for lying (15:00)
  • A half-truth equals a whole lie (18:30)
  • Motive for telling the truth (19:30)
  • “How are you doing?” … “Fine.” (21:30)
  • Christ gives the strength and confidence necessary to tell the truth (23:30)
  • Jesus says, “out of the heart flow the words of the mouth” (25:30)
  • Closing prayers (27:30)

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