2 Corinthians 8:5:  “but they gave themselves first to the Lord”

Tomorrow’s sermon is on the topic of “Giving.”  It just really strikes me that before we seek to do any of God’s work we must first GIVE OURSELVES to the Lord!  How do we give OURSELVES?  That’s a tall order.  But really it’s a “small” order… as we seek to DECREASE, so that He may increase… to HUMBLE ourselves before the Lord.  We recognize that He can do great things through us only when we SURRENDER ourselves first to Him.  It’s a great place to be… surrendered to the Lord, in service of Him, and led by Him.  It’s only once we assume that posture of humble servanthood, that the Lord can FILL US UP with great gifts to give out on His behalf.  The challenge for you and for me is to seek, not to give what WE HAVE, but to give WHO WE ARE to the Lord, and in so doing, RECEIVE all that God has to offer, and in turn RELEASE those gifts to others in need.