I just got this email from Pastor Lucas in Kenya.  Our church and Thrivent Financial as well as some other churches and individuals came together to help him and his church’s outreach by sending 300 Swahili Bibles and some English Bibles to Kenya.  It’s amazing to me how much ministry they accomplish with so little.  (You can read more about their ministry at: http://newhopefellowshipchurch.weebly.com.)   It is truly an encouragement, as well as a challenge.  How can we do better at bringing souls to the Lord??

Dear  Pastor Augie

Thank you for praying  for us  and for our  outreaches of April,we are winning many souls and people are being delivered from the powers of Satan and we are have given them all bibles. We are so busy every week we minister for four days.In the first week of April 41 people made decision to follow Christ, second week 39 people , third week which was last week 26 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We are completing our last outreach this week as from tomorrow Wednesday through Saturday.Hope you will pray for us that many will come and give their lives to Christ.

We praise God that students who are in school holidays are making decision to know Jesus Christ. This leaders of tomorrow have began trusting God for their life.

We thank you  for praying with us a bout the famine , we have five bags of corns for famine relief , it will be distributed this Saturday to those in lacking after we have come back from the evangelism.
Many people are touched and are donating the little they have to save  lives of those who are not able to buy or raise anything for themselves.

Last Sunday we found a big number joining our church after having given out free foods to those in great needs, We believe in the coming Sunday it will be wonders as many plan to join too…

God bless you
pastor Lucas obanda

Please join me in thanking the Lord for the ministry of Pastor Lucas and New Hope Fellowship Church, and praying for their continued effectiveness in ministry!