You have likely heard in the news that “Lutherans” have embraced homosexuality.  Or as this one popular Christian / Conservative news source puts it: “Evangelical Lutherans abandon Bible teaching on homosexuality.

And you may have thought to yourself… “Wait!  I thought *I* was Lutheran?”  Does that include me and my church?

Make no mistake.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is an entirely different church body from the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod ( of which I and Saving Grace Lutheran Church in Queen Creek, AZ ( are members.

The ELCA’s teaching on homosexuality, among other doctrines, are what separate us theologically.  We at Saving Grace affirm the Biblical teaching against homosexuality.  Simply because two practicing homosexuals are monogamous in their relationship does not negate the Biblical prohibition against this form of adultery.

I suggest that you read our church body president Jerry Kieschnick’s response to the ELCA’s church wide assembly:  This address was made and posted today, 8/22.  President Kieschnick is to be commended for making such a clear and direct statement, in such a swift fashion.  I might also add that his in person presence at their assembly is a wonderful example of Matthew 18’s model for conflict resolution at work.  He went to the source directly and expressed the matter directly with those involved.  He didn’t hide behind ink & pen (or keystrokes and internet).

Please join me now in praying for our brothers and sisters of the ELCA who are being shaken by this decision, and also for the negative public witness this brings to the authoritative Word of God.  Lord Have Mercy.