Rachelle and I went to Thailand at the end of July with the Pastoral Leadership Institute.  This was the culmination of our four year learning experience.  We and three other couples from our “collegial group” (collegial groups are made up of 5 to 7 pastors and their wives who stay together during the PLI program.) went to Thailand to experience a variety of ministry settings and to assist as we were able.  We were in Thailand for about 10 days.  We visited Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  We saw the offices of Lutheran Hour Ministries, Concordia Gospel Ministry Center, the LISA training center for pastors, Phong Phet Church, Concordia Day Care, Bang Na Daycare, Mae Rim Student Center, some Hmong Villages and then several tourist attractions at the end of our mission trip.

You can see pictures from our trip by clicking here:

Thailand General

You can hear the audio of the message I preached following our trip clicking here.  (I used a different slide show during the sermon, but many, if not all, of the pictures are in this larger slide show posted on this blog).

or view the same pictures in slide show below: