I’m certainly not opposed to prosecuting someone who assaults another human being.  Why do cases of race and sexual orientation need to be considered as special subsets?  Assault is assault.  I *do* have a problem when the lawyers (and they WILL) try to blame someone other than the perpetrator for the crime.

The president of the LCMS (Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod) has issued a statement concerning this recent legislation.  It’s brief.  You can read it here: http://www.lcms.org/pages/internal.asp?NavID=15941

In that article, he makes the point that it’s possible that based on this legislation that pastors could be prosecuted for teaching what the Bible teaches concerning sexual behavior outside of one man-one woman marriage.  It remains to be seen, just how strictly this hate crimes legislation will be implemented.  Let’s hope that our freedoms of speech and religion are protected.

One closing thought:  What if a pastor preaches that stealing is wrong and some “confused” parishioner beats up a person he believes is a thief?  Should the pastor be prosecuted?  Think about it…