After viewing and preaching on some of Russ Miller’s material, I started working with him to find a way to bring him out to Queen Creek.  So Saving Grace and four other churches from our Local ACCO ( came together to sponsor this event which is FREE and open to the public at the beautiful Queen Creek Performing Arts Center!

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 The Queen Creek ACCO presents…


 Russ Miller


 Creation Evolution Science Ministries


 6:00 PM – 50 Facts versus Darwinism in the Textbooks;

 7:00 PM – An Old Earth or a Global Flood.


 Live, at the

 Queen Creek Performing Arts Center (

 Sunday March 21 – 6 to 8pm
(doors open at 5:30)

 This event is FREE to the public


The idea behind this event is that it offers something for everyone:  The believer will be strengthened in their Biblical faith, and the seeker will be challenged to think critically about what they’ve been taught in the textbooks.  This event is non-confrontational and being held at a very “safe” and neutral location – the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center.  There is no cost to attend the event, though we will announce a free will offering opportunity as well as DVD’s available for sale at Russ’s display table.  (An interesting side note…. Russ allows ALL his DVD’s to be FREELY copied and distributed!  Why not buy a set and make dozens to give away!?  That’s what we did at our church!)

With our faith being chipped away every day by what is taught about evolution in the secular media and schools we, as the Church, must do all that we can to speak the TRUTH of the Bible.  I can think of no better or easier way to do this than to let Russ do the talking.  He’s an experienced speaker who provides a wealth of information in an easy to understand manner.  Watch this video for more information:   Then invite your family and friends who need to be at this event!

With my background in the sciences before becoming a pastor, I saw firsthand what today’ so called “knowledge” can do to people’s faith!  I am so glad that we have this opportunity.  I am really excited about this event!

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