2010 National Day of Prayer

About 60 people from 10 different Queen Creek Churches and Organizations gathered at the Town Hall this morning to pray for our Government, Military, Media, Businesses, Education, Churches and Families!  This is the 6th Annual event that has been hosted by the Association of Christian Churches and Organizations (www.theACCO.org) of which I am the current President.

Today we were joined by both the Town’s  outgoing and incoming mayors, as well as the vice-mayor and one council member.  Each year this event gets bigger and bigger -for which we thank God.  We also thank God that we live in a nation where we can peacefully gather and publicly profess our faith – lifting up God’s Name and inviting His presence in our lives and government!  May we all pray for that right to continue and for God’s favor to rest on our nation.  In His Name. Amen.