Do you get confused about the difference between the prophets Elijah and Elisha? I know I do sometimes!  Below is an excerpt from a helpful subscription resource “Men of the Bible” put out by Bible Gateway.  I hope you find it beneficial!

Elisha suggests the ministry of Christ. On the whole, Elijah’s work was destructive – he was the prophet of fire. Elisha’s task was more merciful and beneficial. He had double the power of Elijah (2 Kings 2:8-9, 15), and consequently performed twice as many miracles as his former master. The following contrasts between these two prophets can be noted:

  • Elijah was a prophet of the wilderness; Elisha was a prince of the court.

  • Elijah had no settled home; Elisha enjoyed the peace of a home.

  • Elijah was known by his long hair and shaggy mantle; Elisha by his staff and bald head.

  • Elijah was mainly prophetical; Elisha’s work was mainly miraculous.

  • Elijah’s ministry was one of stern denunciation; Elisha’s task was that of teaching and winning.

  • Elijah was a rebuker of kings; Elisha was a friend and admirer.

  • Elijah was a messenger of vengeance; Elisha was a messenger of mercy.

  • Elijah represented exclusiveness; Elisha stood for comprehension.

  • Elijah was fierce, fiery, energetic; Elisha was gentle, sympathetic, simple.

  • Elijah was a solitary figure; Elisha was more social.

  • Elijah had an extraordinary disappearance from earth; Elisha’s death was ordinary.