Scripture: Galatians 4:3-5 “3 So also, when we were children, we were in slavery under the basic principles of the world.4 But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under law,5 to redeem those under law, that we might receive the full rights of sons.”

Observation: Paul wants the Galatians to recognize what they are doing in returning to the letter of the Law.  They are again making themselves slaves to the “basic principles of the world.” (v. 3) But God’s plan was not that we remain under those principles/law.  Rather in the FULLNESS of time (v.4) He sent His Son, Jesus to REDEEM us from the Law.  It was God’s full-plan and end-game that we would no longer be slaves but free … sons & daughters!

Application: It’s doubtful that when we are striving to do right things and keep God’s Laws that we see ourselves as slaves.  That’s why this passage (the whole chapter, really) is such an important section of Scripture.  The Apostle wants us to recognize that even though the Law is good – it’s there for our benefit and it’s there to please God – our attempts at keeping the Law turn us into something other than what God wants for us.  We become slaves to the Law rather than children of God.  In my own life, I know that when I am focused on the Law – even God’s good & perfect Law – my focus is actually in the wrong place. It’s on me and not on God.  I am looking at how good I am at keeping the Law, rather than how good God is.  Therefore, I am thankful for Paul’s reminder that I have been redeemed from the Law.  Do I strive to keep the Law? Yes, of course!  But do I look to the Law for my security? Absolutely not!  To do so would make me a slave and undo the blood bought freedom that Christ has won for me.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for freeing me from the Law.  Help me to realize that Your suffering and death was sufficient fulfillment of God’s Law.  Fill me with such gratitude for your sacrifice that I remain obedient to the same Law that you subjected yourself to.  But may I never look to my obedience for salvation, only to Yours.  Amen.