As a leadership team at Redeemer, we are reading together the book “Doing Church as a Team” by Wayne Cordiero:

Wayne says in his book:

The church is not an organization.  It is more like an organism with living parts that must move and work together as a whole.  An individual part cannot function on its own.

We can readily agree with this assessment.  We know that together we can accomplish more than we can alone.  But it can be so challenging to work together!  Sometimes it seems easier to just “do it myself” than to go through the trouble to create a team environment.

It is a challenge to create and work with teams – how do you do it?  Wayne says in the book:

Building teams does not begin with a certain kind of technique; it begins with a certain kind of heart – an unselfish, authentic heart, desiring God’s best.  Such a heart constantly asks, How can I include others?  It anticipates the joy of sharing experiences, struggles and victories…

So how do we allow such a team culture and mindset to flourish at our church?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please share your comments below!

– Pastor Augie.