Lent is drawing to a close, and we turn our sights toward Easter. I can hardly wait to sing out the Alleluia’s again! Sometimes when I reflect on the somber tone that defines the Lenten season, I ask myself why we as Christians continue to celebrate this season – with all its mourning and fasting. We know, after all, that while Jesus was indeed crucified, He was more victoriously raised to life! Now that His suffering and death has passed, shouldn’t we leave that in the past and focus on the future? Yet, if it were not for His crucifixion, there would be no hope of resurrection. And if it were not for His suffering, there would be no joy.

So it is our mission to make Christ known to the world! For in this one Man, we see all of humanity and also all of divinity. So beginning on Easter, we will introduce the Son of God who came to live the perfect life, and die the perfect death for sinners, so that we might have the hope of eternity with God. Then on the four weeks following Easter, we will unpack the question – Just Who Is the Son of God? We will see that He is …

Week 1: “The Son of Man” – looking at Luke 5:17-26, we will see that Jesus identifies with us in our human condition. He is not only fully God, He is fully Man.

Week 2: “The Sinners Friend” – looking at Luke 18:9-14, we will see that Jesus doesn’t shun the outcast and the weak, but loves the lowly, broken and sinful.

Week 3: “The Anointed One” – looking at Luke 4:16-30, we will see that Jesus ushers in a new Kingdom, and with it, He issues a call to His followers to live new lives.

Week 4: “The Coming King” – looking at Luke 19:28-38, we will see that Jesus reigns over those who receive Him as King.

In addition to the messages on Sunday morning, there will be a Growth Group Bible Study on these topics that will allow you to dig more deeply into the Biblical content and themes that underlie each of these aspects of Jesus life and ministry. That Bible Study will be at 9:45am in the lower level of the church, and will coincide with the four weeks of the message series.

There really are lots of ways for you to engage with the Son of God. Attend the services, dig into the Bible, pass out some door hangers, and invite your friends. We even have some witnessing booklets that you can use to plant Gospel seeds! (Pick them up at the resource table.) But whatever you do, pray that God will use you and will use us to bring more to encounter Christ. Pray that they come with questions and even doubts. But pray mostly that they come with open hearts asking question like, who is the Son of God? Is He the way to God? Did he die for me? Is He alive? Does He care about me? Then pray that the Holy Spirit provides them with life changing answers to those questions, through Jesus … THE Son of God.

Serving Christ with you,

Pastor Augie