For God – the Lord of earth and heaven,
So loved – and longed to see forgiven,
The world – in sin and pleasure mad,
That he gave – the only Son he had,
His only Son – to take our place,
That whosoever – Oh, what grace,
Believeth – placing simple trust,
In Him – the righteous and the just,
Should not perish – lost in sin,
But have everlasting life – in HIM.

I referenced this poem in a recent sermon.  It is very fitting for our Lenten contemplation and preparation.  Not only is it poetic, but it captures the simplicity and essence, and yet the power and profound nature of each phrase within the well known, and much loved, John 3:16.  I do not know who the original author is, but I found it in a sermon entitled “John 3:16 – The Greatest Story Ever Told” by preacher Joseph Wallis.

May we recognize and appreciate the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus, which opened to us the gates and glory of Heaven!

In Christ’s Name,

Pastor Augie.