I was blessed to be able to hear Edmund Chan speak at a lunch meeting yesterday. To introduce him, they showed this video: http://vimeo.com/43709940

He’s a pastor in the Philippines, and he has a passion for returning the Church to it’s Disciple Making roots. He made this point, and it really resonated with me. He said that Christianity started with Passion in Palestine, then as it moved to Greece, it became a Philosophy, then it moved to Rome and it became an Institution, then it came to America and it became an ENTERPRISE. He intended no offense, but was trying to give us a wake up call as to where our focus is in ministry. He said that we tend now to put our focus on Buildings, Bodies and Bucks. In other words, when pastors get together they talk about the size of their church campuses, the number of people in the pews and the amount of money flowing through the ministry. The problem, he suggests, isn’t that these things are bad, but that we tend to think that if we can get MORE buildings, More Bodies, or More Bucks, then the church would be healthier or better. And that’s not the solution. The solution is to have the church create passionate Disciples of Christ who desire to live like Christ and serve Him and do His work.

So that is quite a challenge for us as we lead ministry in our church. What are we doing to help grow disciples who are passionately committed to serving God and sharing His Word? As we do that, God will provide the buildings, bodies and bucks necessary for His mission. We can be confident of that!

If you watch the video, it’s focused on a particular conference in the Philippines next year, you can disregard that part, but what he says about the Church and the World, and the mission and call of the Church is the most relevant.

I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts and comments!